Come to XPDay 2009

The programme for this year’s XPDay conference in London on 7th & 8th December has been published and it looks like it’s going to be a tub thumper. As well as lots of interesting programmed sessions (with an emphasis on experience reports and technical/programming), there’s not two but three keynotes this year including Dorian Swade on what we can learn from Charles Babbage and a story teller called Terry Saunders, who probably wonders what the heck he’s doing there, but will no doubt provide a welcome diversion from the usual topics. Also, after the success of last year’s open space the second day is pretty much wholly set aside for open space sessions.

On top of all that there’ll also no doubt be lots of entertaining conversation to be had after hours on both evenings in nearby pubs.

Tickets are on sale for £350 for both days which is by far the cheapest conference I’m aware of (as well as also being the best ;-)).

I will also be involved in a session, “Introducing Lean and Agile Practices to a Chaotic Environment” where, along with some of my colleagues (not just developers!), we’ll be discussing how our practices have evolved over the last 12 months. Hope to see you there.

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