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Register now for XPDay 2010 on 29th-30th November

This year XPDay is taking a radical turn. It will predominantly be an open space conference with one track of experience reports:

“Agile is no longer a niche development approach. Agile is now mainstream with industry leaders like IBM and Google adopting it. XPDay has evolved away from its roots as a place where people come to learn about basic Agile practices to a conference that brings together leading practitioners so that they can learn from their peers, and help develop the next generation of practices. Now that all participants are expected to provide content and learning, the decision has been taken to provide the event for free.”

How to attend

a) Register and tell us why you want to come

To register add your name to the waiting list here, but you must also enter a short paragraph as to why you should attend here. These short paragraphs will be reviewed by the XPDay organising committee to help in the selection process. Registration closes on Sunday 17th October. Please see the XPDay Eventbrite registration page for more details.

b) Submit an experience report

Given the importance of actual practitioner experience to Agile, there will be a track of “experience reports” throughout the conference. These experience reports will be selected by the XPDay committee prior to the conference. You can submit an experience report here. Having an experience report accepted will obviously guarantee attendance, but please don’t forget to register as well.

The lucky recipients of the golden tickets will be informed at the end of October. I hope to see you there 🙂