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SPA 2011: a quite unique conference

SPA is like no other conference. Nowhere else do you get a programme so diverse and immersive. Over the last two years I’ve:

Rather uniquely, all sessions at SPA are interactive and involve participation. I find it’s a much richer learning experience (than presentations where you end up spending half your time day-dreaming and, since the advent of smart phones, twittering and checking your email) and also a great way to meet and socialise with peers.

Lead a session

There’s no better way to attend than leading a session. As well as getting the opportunity to share your passion with an enthusiastic and diverse bunch ranging from industry thought-leaders to academics you get to attend for free. If you’ve never run a session before don’t be afraid, we have an eager band of reviewers who will help you groom your proposal and if accepted, a flock of shepherds (SPA veterans) who’ll be able to offer advice and guidance to shape your session and ensure it’s full of “SPA-ness”.

More details are on the SPA website. The deadline for proposals is 28th February, but get them in nice and early if you want to benefit from getting lots of feedback.

Register now (it’s a real bargain!)

If you don’t fancy running a session standard tickets are currently only £350 (+VAT) for four days of absorbing sessions including lunch and some evening meals!

If you’ve been saving up to go to QCon, why not come to SPA2011 and spend the money you’ve saved on a skiing Holiday or a couple of iPads instead?

SPA 2011

June 12-15th, BCS, London