Responsibilities of a Developer / QA


Those of a Team Member plus:

To only work on features when I am satisfied I have enough information to do so, so that we do not waste time reworking them.

To ensure all work is thoroughly tested through automated tests including unit tests, integration tests and acceptance tests before it is presented to the customer so that we have confidence it has met the criteria given and is robust enough to have confidence we can modify/extend it without breaking the existing functionality.

To adhere to the software quality standards and principles agreed by my team and the wider development team so that work is done to the highest possible quality.

Accept that continuously learning is part of what it is to be a software developer. To take the time to improve my skills by attending Dojos and other sessions and by taking advantage of other resources available such as the library so that I am continually improving my ability to do my job and consistently delivering value to CompanyX.


Those of a Team Member

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