The Estimation Fallacy

I’ve had a lot of reasons to think about estimation recently and I’ve come to a firm conclusion – it’s a complete waste of time. There are so many things you could be doing that will add value to your project – estimating adds nothing. In fact it has has the adverse effect of making […]

A formative experience

It may surprise some, but I’ve been at this agile lark for less than 4 years (or maybe that’s a lot?). I’ve been motivated by Jason Gorman’s recent post and case study (and some subsequent twitterings) to share some of my thoughts from working at BBC Worldwide1 at that time, a particular project I worked […]

Snapshot of my team’s current practices

It seems these days there are countless methodologies, processes and practices to choose from when developing software and, somewhat ironically, the list seems to be growing at the rate of Moore’s law. I’ve read about, discussed, been on courses and been to conferences about a lot of them and the thing I’ve consistently found most […]

Software is not like a house

“Building a house” is perhaps the most overused software analogy out there. Sure, there are many overlaps and it’s a concept that non-technical people can grasp easily when we need to explain something, but it simply doesn’t add up. I’ve ran into this analogy frequently in my current obsession with estimation (someone even used it […]

embed sprint 3: whiteboard power

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that the whiteboard is by far the most effective method of communication available. Requirements gathering with the customer in insanely fast times, meeting notes all can see and contribute to and the great thing is, they stay there for a few days where we can all see them. If […]